Perception, Interpretation, Feeling

Posted: Thursday, July 31, 2008 in Behavioural Science, Beliefs & Practices, Human Process
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All the right/wrong, good/bad emotions emerge from the interpretation. Most of the times, we confuse ourselves between our Perceptions, Interpretations and Feelings.

Confusion is resultant from ignoring the difference between perceptions and interpretations. Everyone carries perceptions about everything. To exemplify this: I notice you shake your legs while speaking. I see you’re wearing a pair of glasses. I smell the perfume that you’ve applied. I hear you pausing several seconds before replying to me. Perceptions are very close to my data about materials, made through the use of my five senses.

Interpretation or judgment
It’s my hypotheses based on my perceptions. It is not the truth, but my understanding. For example: I judge that you are angry. I think you aren’t paying attention to what I’m saying. These are all interpretations, not perceptions and not The Truth.

Feeling happy, sad, closer, more distant, angry, afraid? It’s common to confuse thoughts with feelings. We start with “I feel that…” and we are communicating a thought, not a feeling.

Remaining conscious about our Perceptions, Interpretations and Feelings; leads to greater Emotional Intelligence.


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